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Afan Valley Adventure Resort land plots

Afan Valley Adventure Resort land plots

Investment highlights

Price  £25,000

Return  10% per annum return

No of years investment is for  Up to 3 year investment



This is an opportunity to buy a land plot in phase 3 of this 4 phase development. For just £25,000 you purchase a land plot and over a maximum 3 year period receive a 10%pa return on your investment. This is rolled into a buyback price and the final monetary return will be determined by the date on which the plot is bought back from you. Example as follows:

Invest £25,000
Developer buys plot back in Q7/8 after exchange (end of year 2)
Accrued returns = £5000
Plot bought back for £30,000 (initial investment plus accrued returns)

Property details

Located deep in the heart of South Wales lays the beautiful Afan Valley where amidst the rolling hills, enticing green gorges, hidden waterfalls and enchanting forests an oasis of action and adventure awaits you. Set over 400 acres of luscious forest park and wide open countryside, Afan Valley Lodge Parc will be home to a stunning adventure complex where premium international brands and global icons come together to create a truly world-class experience. Having attracted some of the biggest and most prestigious partners, Afan Valley Lodge Parc is set to become a renowned stage for major international events and a mecca for those looking to enjoy the best of the best.

Purchase process

£500 reservation fee

Complete reservation form and provide certified ID

Instruct solicitors (panel solicitors available)

Exchange within 28 days at full purchase price

Solicitors fees paid if panel solicitors used and exchange within 28 days from reservation

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